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Corey's Celeb Sludge

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Corey's Celeb Sludge

This is the color of sludge, isn't it?

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Sen Marco Rubio prefers Nicki Minaj to The Bee Gees 

He bashes The Bee Gees on video, then follows up on Twitter to recommend the new Nicki Minaj album.

Click ME to see!




 Karmin made it big online....

maybe you can too!  Click ME for tips from Karmin on how to get noticed




 Tyga talks about the Omaha shooting

Read all about it HERE




 Wiz Khalifa behind the scenes

Find out what he does before and after performing HERE




 Jason Derulo interview

Check out his first public appearance since his injury HERE



 Adele rewind

Click ME to see her at age 16 playing guitar and singing







 How Christina Perri got involved with Twilight

Pretty cool story.

Click ME to see





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