Taco Bell Will Open First Ever “Slide-Thru”

While out on the slopes, getting a hankering for tacos meant having to come off the mountain, remove the snowsuit, get in the car, and drive to the restaurant. But that could no longer be an issue if this trend catches on. Set to open for one day only on March 2nd, Taco Bell will unveil the first-ever “Slide-Thru,” where skiers at Ontario’s Horseshoe Resort can grab their food on the trail. Patrons place their order for the re-released Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider at the top of the mountain, then pick it up from a window at the bottom. According to Veronica Castillo, Taco Bell Canada’s head of marketing, the event is “something wild and unexpected and has never been tried before.”

Which other unique situations could benefit from having a drive-thru style window in place to keep you fed?

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