New Coke Is Coming Back Thanks To “Stranger Things”

Back in the summer of 1985 the brilliant minds at Coca Cola decided to give their “classic” Coke formula the heave-ho and roll out different flavor named “New Coke” – duh.

People freaked out, sales bombed out and so Coke brought back their original formula and new were we to speak of the New Coke unpleasantness ever again.

Well, thanks to all of the 1980 reminiscing inspired by the Netflix hit series “Stranger Things” Coke is doing something I’m sure they thought nearly 35 years ago that they would never do.

Bring back New Coke.

Coca Cola has announced that they will make a 500,000 limited edition cans of the once failed beverage.

Super fans can check out their website or select vending machines to get a taste of the fizzy failed past served up in an aluminum can.

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