Guy Buys Woman A Drink, Sends Her The Bill The Next Day

After chatting her up at a British bar, a guy offered to buy Chlo Matthews a drink. Which she accepted. But what could have been the start to a great encounter, quickly fell apart.

They both exchanged numbers, and the next day, the 20-year-old student paramedic received a message from the suitor named Danny.

Rather than exchange pleasantries, he sent her a bill for the booze, revealing that because she didn’t sleep with him, she should pay him back. {Just in case you didn’t know this, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SLEEP WITH SOMEONE JUST BECAUSE THEY BOUGHT YOU A DRINK! (I’m yelling so the people in the back can hear me) }

Taking to Twitter, Matthews put him on blast, racking up 60,000 likes and 8,900 retweets, along with over 1,000 comments.

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