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Chi is a product of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She graduated with a Bachelors in Journalism focusing on Native American Ethnic studies, economics, and English.

Her first gig was in a Lincoln, Nebraska newsroom. From the newsroom, Chi branched out as a show producer and eventually on air. Chi joined Channel 94.1 in the winter of 2014.

Outside of radio, Chi loves being active with her family whether it’s traveling or playing soccer in the backyard.

Latest from Chi

Bride calls off wedding for what?!

I don’t often call brides “Bridezilla;” however, this woman MIGHT just be one! A woman by the name of “Susan” called off her wedding...

“Mommy, deers are cute.”

I’m not sure if I think this is hilarious or rude. I also can’t tell if her daughter is actually upset or just being...

Graduate poses with Gator

A student graduating from Texas A&M was willing to risk it all for the perfect senior pictures. Makenzie Nolan posed with a 14 foot...

Queen Beyonce slays at Coachella

If you’re a hater this post is NOT for you! Queen Bey killed it at Coachella and reunited Destiny’s Child! Kelly and Michelle came...

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