JLo Is Cutting Carbs and Sugar for 10 Days

Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez are body goals! So if you wanna look like them there’s a challenge the couple is issuing and they’re bringing a few friends on the journey. Lopez took to Instagram with a video explaining that she and Rodriguez are “lonely” and need friends to join their 10-day no carb, no sugar challenge.

Lopez challenged Leah Remini, her Shades of Blue producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Today Show host, Hoda Kotb. Kotb responded saying she accepted Lopez’s challenge along with her Today Show co-hosts. Carson Daly bowed out, however, after one of his Twitter followers alerted him that the 10 days would cover Super Bowl Sunday, “Omg! Great point! I’m out,” he tweeted. Rodriguez also challenged Michael Strahan.

Low carb diets have received mixed reviews, but a study in The British Medical Journal published last November said that people who lost weight from a low carb diet had better luck keeping the weight off.

Would you do a 10-day low carb, low sugar challenge?

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