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Kayla, a born and raised Michigander. She’s obsessed with pugs and can’t wait to get one of her own. She also loves to settle in with a musical or the Back to the Future trilogy.

Kayla loves to take something simple and make it spectacular. Whether it’s editing pictures, video/ audio, or her ambitious DIY projects. In down time, you can find her watching old films/ musicals, wine & craft beer tasting, baking, over-sharing memes and pug videos on social media (One day she’ll get her pug). She’s always looking for her next BIG adventure which most of the time is discovering those local best kept secrets.

She’s the youngest of TWO, not to mention the only girl.  Probably why she believes “every girl must work it like princess and own it like a boss!” Kayla graduated from Western Michigan University with a B.A. in Film, Video & Media Studies and Spanish minor. She fell in love with radio after finishing up her internship in Detroit.

Favorite Concert: Carlos Santana (He let me play his guitar) and Movement/ DEMF (Love, love, love house music)

Favorite TV Shows: The Simpsons, American Horror Story, Black Mirror, Umbrella Academy, and The Boys

Favorite Movies: Back to The Future I, II, III {Hands Down! Avid collector).

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