Cheetos Drops A Diss Track For Doritos & Chance The Rapper

Doritos Super Bowl commercial featuring Chance The Rapper and the Backstreet Boys was one of the highlights of Sunday night’s big game but there are some people that weren’t feeling the genius of remixing Backstreet’s, “I Want It That Way” song as an ode to Doritos new Flamin’ Hot Nacho flavor. That somebody is Cheetos, and Chester the Cheetah has made a diss track, Chester calls out Backstreet Boys and Chance rapping, “You got celebs and a remix song, but like a bag of Cheetos it won’t last long.” Chester the Cheetah’s diss track can be found on YouTube, he issues a challenge saying, “This ain’t over,” Your move Chance… What do you think of Chester The Cheetah’s diss track? What is your favorite hot food?

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