Four Ways to Become Your Boss’s Favorite

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like being my boss’s least favorite. It makes work life hard. Here’s a few ways to become your boss’s favorite employee!
1) Manage Up.
Often people who manage up are looked at to be the “kiss ups” or “brown nosers,” but that doesn’t mean those terms have to apply to you. Managing up means you’re doing things to help your boss/managers succeed.

Yes, it’s as easy as saying ‘THANK YOU!” You like to receive thanks for your work, so why not do the same for your boss.

3) Ask for Advice
Lets face it we all like to feel needed and your boss included. If you’re thinking “But, if I ask for advice my boss will think I’m not capable of doing the task.” WRONG.  Your boss will probably think the opposite.

4) Solve Problems on Your Own
Unless it’s your REAL first day, you know what your job expects. You don’t need to bring EVERY SINGLE problem to your boss. Try resolving some of the day to day issues on your own and ONLY bringing the larger issues to your boss.


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