Celebs Remember Nipsey Hussle

Rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed in front of his own L.A. clothing store called Marathon. According to law enforcement, the shooter walked up to Nipsey and shot him and two others then fled the scene in a car driven by a female. Cops believe the shooting was gang-related and a man with the Instagram handle @gasstongbo got on the social media site and said he was the one that shot Nipsey.

Police are still investigating the shooting.

Nipsey Hussle was 33 and is survived by two children and his girlfriend, Lauren London.

After the untimely death of rapper Nipsey Hussle, celebrities took to social media to offer condolences and memories of the slain rapper.  “This doesn’t make any sense,” Rihanna said on Twitter. “My spirit is shaken by this! Dear God may his spirit rest in peace and may you grant divine comfort to his loved ones.”  Lebron James remembered just speaking with Nipsey just the other day and spoke about how he was going to get the rapper tickets to Lakers games next season.  The Game, Chance the Rapper, Meek Mill, Snoop Dogg, Diddy, and more offered their condolences as well.

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