Woman’s Email Goes Viral After Banning Liquor and Scheduling a Church Service for a Bachelorette Party

Not sure this women understands what Vegas is and how a bachelorette party in Vegas works.
A women’s email is going viral because of her demands at the bachelorette party. Please note, the author of the requests is NOT the bride! Ha! Which makes this story even better.

The woman sent this email to the 18 people going.
Here are her demands or how she put it “ground rules”:
1. She scheduled a Church Service to “cleanse us of our sins from that week.”
2. No Hard Liquor.
3. No Sex
4. Attendees were to Venmo her $50 for groceries for the room. {Do the math on that 18 people going and she wants $50 from each of them. That’s a whole lot of groceries}
5. No Drugs {Okay, fine. HAHA!} However, she did call someone out for taking Adderall and requested they keep it at home.


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