Billionaire Robert F. Smith Pays off College Graduates Student Loans

Wow! What an absolutely amazing thing.
This will probably be the coolest thing you’ll see all week.
While giving the commencement speech, Billionaire Robert F. Smith announced he’d be paying off the class of 2019’s Morehouse College student loans.

Robert F. Smith is the founder and CEO of Vista Equity Partners. A few months before the graduation ceremony, he donated over a million dollars to Morehouse College. The school had no idea, he’d be making another contribution, but this time to the graduating students.  There are several estimates on how much the student loan debt would be and some say it’s roughly $40 million.

I ended up watching this video multiple times for so many different reason.
The first, to hear what he did.
The second, to watch the crowd’s reaction.
The third because it felt to cool to watch something so selfless. 
Each time I watched I got goosebumps.

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