Not All Types of Sitting Are Equally Bad for You

People have been telling us all for a while now that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for our health, but apparently not all sitting is equally terrible.

A new study found that watching television for more than four hours per day increases cardiovascular risk — but that exercise can cancel out the effect.

According to the research those who watched four or more hours of television a day saw a 50 percent greater risk of suffering a heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular event and death versus those who watched less than two hours a day.

The participants tracked the time they spent sitting at work and while watching television, as well as how long they exercised during downtime.

Researchers found those who sat too long had higher risk for heart disease, but found television itself — not work — increased the risk.

The good news is that television watchers who walked or performed any moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise for 150 minutes or more each week lowered their heart attack, stroke and death risk.

Read more about it here.

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