Everything You Didn’t See on TV at the 2019 American Music Awards

If you’re into having the tea split then you’ll enjoy knowing what went down at the American Music Awards behind the scenes. Thanks to E!, here’s everything you didn’t see on T.V.

Pose’s Billy Porter was the first to arrive and be seated while Christina entered last right before Selena Gomez’s performance. Kelsea Ballerini stood up and danced during Selena’s performance and was in awe of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello.

Billie Eilish had an eventful evening as she cheered on Ciara’s performance. Lil Nas X returned the favor to Eilish as he jumped up to cheer for her Best New Artist win, a category he lost.

Lil Nas X was the only one standing for Kesha and Big Freedia’s performance of “Raising Hell,” however, he was joined by Lizzo and Carrie Underwood who were now dancing and singing from their seats as Taylor Swift took to the stage to perform.

Christiana needed two people to help her from the stage after her performance due to her huge dress and Shania Twain was the only person standing in support of Carrie Underwood as she accepted her two awards.

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