YouTuber James Charles Has Lost 2M Subscribers

If you’re like me, you said to yourself, “Who is James Charles? And why do I care?”
This weekend every blog, entertainment news source, Instagram, and Youtube channel I follow had something about this story. I caved and I finally went digging to figure out who these people are and why the heck people were unfollowing James Charles.
I recognized James Charles name, but couldn’t place him. Quick Google search later, DUH, he was the first COVER BOY! I’ve watched several of his videos and tutorials.

James Charles is seeing a decline in his popularity ever since his former mentor, Tati Westbrook,  announced she was cutting ties with him in a 45 minute Youtube video. YES. I ended up watching the entire thing.
Before the announcement, Charles boasted 16 million followers, but since her announcement that number has fallen by 2 million and her numbers have gone up 3 million.  Things started going downhill for Charles after Westbrook posted a vlog saying Charles was spreading lies about her and she also alleges that he turned his back on her after years of investing in him and his channel.

Newsweek gave a list of some of the people who have unsubscribed to his channel and they include Miley Cyrus, Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Shawn Mendes, and more.

Like a true influencer, James Charles responded in a makeup free apology Youtube video.

Can we be real for a moment?
OKay, cool.  I only read and followed this story because it was so dramatic. It’s kind of like when your aunt Nancy posts long threads on Facebook complaining about how her neighbor cut her off at a stop light and last week she lent them some eggs.
The nerve of them.

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