83% of People Fail This Short IQ Test

This short IQ test has gone viral.
It’s only 3 questions and well, 83% of people have failed it.   This shorty quiz actually came from some research paper by an MIT professor called the Cognitive Reflection Test.

Give it a go and let us know how you did!

1.  A bat and ball cost $1.10 total.  The bat costs $1 more than the ball.
How much does the ball cost?


2.  It takes five machines five minutes to make five widgets.
How long would it take 100 machines to make 100 widgets?


3.  There’s a patch of lily pads in a lake.  Every day, the patch doubles in size.  If it takes 48 days for the patch to cover the entire lake, how long will it take to cover half of the lake?

(NSFW: Language)


1.  The common wrong answer is 10 cents.  The right answer is 5 cents.


2.  The common wrong answer is 100 minutes.  The right answer is 5 minutes.


3.  The common wrong answer is 24 days.  The right answer is 47 days.